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Mine Tank followed the "story" of the little tank that could.... blast everything in it's way. 

Mine Tank is a "Breach Shooter", in that every level dumps you in the middle of a hellacious fight for survival. If you live through it, gather up all of the bits of your enemies, build better weapons and armor, and descend into another level of madness.

Between the madness of combat, there's little side-quests to do, puzzles to solve, treasure and story bits to be found. The game is endless by design, so see how far down you can go. I've tested it out to level 29. If the game gets too crazy, you can go back up and backtrack, try out some of the doors you missed before. The loot is always better on the deeper levels though, so push downwards to glory! 

Since this game is early in development, some issues exist. Also there's ALOT of room for it to grow. If you like it, please let me know. If you'd like to see something added, DEFINITELY let me know! 

Btw, this game is FREE, at least for now. Just ignore that whole "Name your Price". If you don't want to donate, then don't. Download it, pay nothing. There is no spam or spyware. It's just my game. I'd appreciate the feedback, it's all I ask. 


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