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This is a Virtual Reality game designed for the Oculus Rift and the VIVE (tested on both)

An ancient temple ruins is on the verge of being completely devoured by an MASSIVE ancient evil. You're only hope, your magic finger gun and a WHOLE lot of gem smashing! You can make a Finger-Gun, right??  Be quick, make big combos, and send the beast packing. Otherwise you're going to making your residence in it's belly!

There will be "bad" gems that you'll have to avoid. Destroy normal gems nearby them to defuse them. Flying eyeballs will distract. The beast will snap it's jaws ominously. DON'T LOSE YOUR COOL! 1 gem won't do much, but string together a couple and the beast will be destroyed instantly. 

(Note: because the grips on the VIVE are a bit janky, compared to the nicer Oculus Touch grips, just click them down once to make the Finger-Gun. On the Oculus, hold the grip button in)


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